urban cabin

urban cabin, 20×25, 86106/117333, WA rq + patch, no cc

Despair not if your sim lives in the city, dreaming of tree houses and mountain cabins. Now it’s possible to get a little of that cabin feel while staying in the city.

This home combines contemporary simplicity with rustic wooden tones. As a special feature, the living room is a cabin on the second floor.

The entrance level provides an open living area with kitchen, dining space, and study as well as two bathrooms and an extra room.

The third floor contains the master bedroom with its private bath.

In the basement there’s a pool and an additional bathroom as well as plenty of extra empty space. There’s also parking spaces outside.

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creative aesthete and twin mum
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4 Responses to urban cabin

  1. Qypsy says:

    Congratulatios on the new blog!

    What a fabulous house!! I just love the livingroom idea. Thank you!

  2. maelewis says:

    Congratulations on the opening of your new site!!! Looking forward to seeing much more.

  3. Elena says:

    Congratulations on your new blog! Love this house! 🙂 Thank you.

  4. jw says:

    Unique! Thanks.

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