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casa con angoli

This is a villa for sims who love a mixture of modernist architecture and warm, Southern rusticity. A large family home with plenty of space for outside activities. Continue reading

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carried away with a small island

Last week I promised an update this week with a weirdly angled bungalow. While I’ve been working on that lot, most of my simming time this week has been spend on my little island, Mercury Island. Continue reading

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going modern again …

After all the more traditionally styled houses I felt like going modernistic again. So now I’m working on a bungalow with wierd angles. As you can see it’s very far from done yet and I’m off to family parties all weekend. So expect it to be ready some time late next week. Continue reading

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Lakefront Thrift Store & Brunton’s Diner

This consignment thrift store fits where the EA library is placed in an unchanged Twinbrook. Since I’ve put my library where the consignment store used to be, I’ve not made one to fit in its old place.I loved what Claeric had done to the original consignment store, so I’ve ripped this thrift store idea right off. Continue reading

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now working on …

Since I’ve build a library for the lot which in the original setup houses a consignment store, it makes sense to build a consignment store on the lot where the old library used to be. This consignment store is a thrift store and beside it, on the same lot, is a small diner. Continue reading

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Twinbrook library

I wanted to create a library for Twinbrook that mirrored the monumental museum. I thought a tower would be fitting for a library in a small town that once had great expectations. Continue reading

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Twinbrook renovations – Pidgin House

The moment I saw Milly Pidgin in my game I developed a great fondness for her. It just grew when I found the large old house on the hill where she lives with her daughter Dilly in regal decay. The small eccentric details are just wonderful. While the house is great in many ways, I also disliked some features and and set out to renovate it to better fit the two ladies and my game. Continue reading

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