living in the swamp

I got Ambitions yesterday and just had a quick poke around. All the new build and editing options look really promising and I can’t wait to explore it all.

The little time I’ve had to spend in the game I’ve used mainly to check out Twinbrook. So far it lives up to my expectations and I really love this world. Normally I’m not very impressed with EA’s hoods, the buildings and families, but Twinbrook really has character and it’s beautiful, too.

I’ve been playing with the Bayless family who lives in a small house – it looks like an old workshop of sorts – out in the swamps far from everything else.

An interior shot. It’s certainly not smart or anything, but it fits the family perfectly. Notice the second story where the kids’ve got their rooms.

Here’s the family, Skeet, Chase, Tay and Gwayne, on the back porch eating their evening hotdog meal.

The house’s also haunted by Skeet’s father’s ghost. Chase enjoys telling him ghost stories.


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