Twinbrook renovations – Pidgin House

High up on a lonely hill ...The moment I saw Milly Pidgin in my game I developed a great fondness for her. It just grew when I found the large old house on the hill where she lives with her daughter Dilly in regal decay. The small eccentric details are just wonderful. While the house is great in many ways, I also disliked some features and set out to renovate it to better fit the two ladies and my game.

after and beforePidgin House after my renovation and the original EA version.

ground floor facilitiesHall, guest bathroom, and laundry room.

formal living roomThe formal living room.

dining roomMilly and Dilly love to play and have turned the dining room into a play room since they take their meals in the kitchen anyway. EA had set up the room more or less like this, I’ve mainly restyled it and added a little collection of objects that both mother and daughter are slightly obsessed with.

kitchenThe kitchen. The park benches that the ladies felt like having in the kitchen are another EA feature. I mainly restyled them to fit the rest of the room.

landing and studyUpstairs landing and Milly’s study where she can keep an eye on the whole town with her Father’s old telescope.

Milly's roomsMilly’s bedroom and private bathroom. The three part mirror is yet another EA feature that I liked and kept, restyling it to fit the room.

Dilly's roomsDilly’s bedroom, childhood playroom, and private bathroom. The playroom stands more or less as it was when Dilly was a child. She still loves to play with her toys. That room was also part of the original house design by EA.

night time


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4 Responses to Twinbrook renovations – Pidgin House

  1. Rachel says:

    Love the renovations! I haven’t played Sims 3 for awhile, so I guess you can call me a N00b at this, sorry in advance for this dumb question: how come I’m playing the renovated version and not the original EA version? Is that what the “share” app does?

    • smmi says:

      Hi Rachel – sorry for the late reply. I’m not sure what you mean by your question? Are you thinking of patches?

      • Rachel says:

        Erm…I’m not sure how to put this, but you say that there is an original EA version?

      • smmi says:

        Now I understand 🙂

        Yes, these are pictures of the large house on the hill in Twinbrook, in which Milly and Dilly Pidgin live. The pictures show how I’ve edited the house in various ways. I’ve only made small structural changes, and maybe that’s why you get the feeling that you’re playing the renovated house. For instance, I changed the roof, the room layout, and some small things out back. The largest changes are in terms of decor and wall/floor treatments. I’ve never shared it anywhere, so I’m very sure you’re not playing my renovation 😉

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