Twinbrook library

frontTwinbrook library, 30×36, 113650/179368, WA & Ambitions rq + patch, cc free apart from one piece of premium store content, namely Galileo’s Observer. If you don’t have this item the telescope will revert to the base game ones when you install the lot.

towerI wanted to create a library for Twinbrook that mirrored the monumental museum. I thought a tower would be fitting for a library in a small town that once had great expectations. This community lot has been created to be placed opposite the museum on the 30×36 lot which the consignment store now occupies. – But don’t worry, I’ll be uploading a couple of consignment stores soon that fit in other places in town. Also, I’ve even got the library in a 30×30 version if anyone is interested in that.

ground floorOn the ground floor we find the kiddie corner, a nice little cafe and some restrooms.

first floorThe first floor contains the main library with lots of different books to borrow, computers, chess, and many reading areas.

second floorOn the second floor there’s a youth section with games, tv, and music – o, and some books. there’s also another restroom as well as a room for art classes.

ground floor overviewGround floor overview.

first floor overviewFirst floor overview.

second floor overviewSecond floor overview.


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