Lakefront Thrift Store & Brunton’s Diner

frontLakefront Thrift Store & Brunton’s Diner, 20×30, 21382/43866, WA & Ambitions rq + patch

inside the shop This consignment thrift store fits where the EA library is placed in an unchanged Twinbrook. Since I’ve put my library where the consignment store used to be, I’ve not made one to fit in its old place. I loved what Claeric had done to the original consignment store, so I’ve ripped this thrift store idea right off.

facilitiesThere’s a kitchen and bathroom for the consignment specialist as well as a washing machine and drying line out back to wash all the second-hand clothes in before they’re sold.

Brunton's Diner

The lot is categorised as a consignment store, but I like combined lots so I also added Brunton’s Diner to it. In map view there’s only an icon for the diner, but the consignment store works fine once a sim enters the lot.



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