neat tool for lot sharers

One of my fellow simmers, Jenie, made me aware of a very neat tool for lot sharers today. It’s called Sims 3 upload Imange Changer, created by Zinda Golden, and can be used to reduce the file size and change the automatically compiled images that come with all lots exported from TS3.

The thing is that the game automatically creates images that show up on the Exchange. These images are low quality but take up a lot of space, and often don’t show off the lot very well, anyway. If you don’t share on the Exchange these images are of no use at all. In that case the tool allows you to insert blank images instead of the automatically generated ones, which frees up a lot of space. Even if you do share on the Exchange, you can use the tool to add better images of a higher quality. It’s very easy to use so I recommend you check it out on Zinda’s site.

Thanks to Jenie for the tip 😀


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