House of Nyx

front and backsideHouse of Nyx, 25×20, 92926/154397 WA + Ambitions rq + the latest patch. No cc needed apart from the old gramophone player. You can get it free from T Mobile, using the code “getConnected”.

bar and entertainmentHouse of Nyx offers many hours of entertainment for sims seeking a taste of the burlesque. Here they’ll find bars, a dance floor, fun games, and rooms for those who’ll need that.


I think this lot really needs the new night life EP that’ll be out later this year in order to fulfill its function. But with some cc you can also create a good entertainment feeling. I’ll probably give it a try and post some pictures for inspiration later this week.

bar and balconies

This community lot is categorised as a “hang out”. It also has a the criminal career rabbithole in the basement under the buildings as I thought it went well with the theme. You can easily replace one small rabbithole with another, though. You’ll need “moveobjects on” and must make sure that the entrance to the rabbithole is accessible and has some space in front of it for sims to enter.

ground floor and basementfirst and second floor


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3 Responses to House of Nyx

  1. game dressup says:

    that`s great! Thanks

  2. Nyx says:

    Thank you for creating this, Sara. It’s great! I’m going to somehow make my self-sim the madame of this establishment! 😀

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