cubus cheer

cubus cheer, 89814/144984, 30×20, WA + ambitions rq + latest patch, no cc needed. (I have used joninmobiles castable EA paintings in the pictures, but the paintings show up fine without it.)

This modernist beach house is perfect for a small family who likes to entertain and enjoy the outdoors. With the shady atrium and the balcony spanning the backside of the house, there’s always somewhere to find some shade.

The enterior design is stylish without being cold. Warm woods, greens and natural materials make ensure an inviting atmosphere.

The large kitchen is the hub of the house with plenty to do for the whole family. More formal dinners are taken in the dining room.

Upstairs are the living quarters as well as a large family room that just waits to be defined by the house’s owners. One large room with own bath is perfect for a child or two.

The master bedroom has a private bath and a walk-in closet. From the bed is a stunning view over the ocean outside.

To really shine, I think this house needs some cc. That’s why it’s somewhat sparingly furnished as is; a more or less empty canvas for you to fill. – Here’s an overview of it all.

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creative aesthete and twin mum
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4 Responses to cubus cheer

  1. Amanda says:

    I have just started using the sims3 after loving TS2 so much. You have really brought much needed creativity to the game and I am looking forward to seeing more of your work. Good stuff, thanks so much x

  2. Erica says:

    The colors, the shape of the lot. It just pops. I like it just the way it is. Is it ready for download?

  3. smmi says:

    Thank you Erica, I’m glad you like the house. Yes, you can download the lot via the link under the first picture – it says “cubus cheer”.

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