the little flea market

fleamarketthe little flea market, 99350/161849, 30×30, req. WA + Ambitions + LN + patch

fleamarketAll kinds of treasures are just waiting to be found at this little flea market. Situated between Oldenborg House and the Pot, the small square with its stands is an inviting space in the bustling city life.

secondhand bookshopFor the sims who aren’t done rummaging through the stands outside, there’s even a second-hand bookshop (consignment store) in the Pot. Rows of books are waiting to be browsed through or read in a silent corner.

(Please note, I have changed the lower pattern on the wall in the second picture as it was a custom texture. Otherwise the pictures show the lot as is.)

barOldenbar offers a strange mixture of old and new. With two dance floors and a space for small concerts, this bar in Oldenborg House is a great place to hang out all times of the day. (In order for the lot to work as a consignment store, it cannot hold a LN bar. That’s at least my experience so far. If the bartender is generated, the consignment shop clerk isn’t.)

overviewNote, I have only used some of the floors of both houses, leaving the rest as empty shells.


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