some houses in progress

At the moment I’m a bit obsessed with wooden houses. Two more are in the making. A largish family house with a little secret in the middle and a small house for a single sim or a couple. I don’t know when they’ll be ready for upload, but probably within this week.


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creative aesthete and twin mum
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2 Responses to some houses in progress

  1. Freya says:

    This may be stupid but I just came on your site and was wondering how to download your lots? I have no idea whatsoever, I just plan on using them on my game.

    • smmi says:

      Hi Freya, the download link isn’t so obvious – you’re not the first one who’s asked about downloading 😉

      Under the first picture of each downloadable lot there’s a title. It’s the in the description of the lot. This title is the download link that’ll take you to mediafire 🙂

      That said, the houses in this post are still works in progress and haven’t been uploaded yet. If you choose the “downloads” topic you’ll see which lots are available here.

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