secret core

secret core, 75397/124404, 30×30, req. WA + Ambitions + LN + patch, no cc apart from some decorative free store items: Cherub Kalliopi painting, 3 plants from the eco set

This family house has a secret core, a small atrium which sends in daylight in most rooms on the ground floor. All the rooms around this light filled heart are connected, creating an open atmosphere where it is possible both to be together and more private.

A main hub is the kitchen with the happy yellow cupboards.

In order to create variation between the rooms, the study is a wood clad den.

The smaller of the house’s two bedrooms is perfect for a teenage girl with mismatched furniture.

The main bedroom is held in happy colours while the master bathroom has a soothing view to the pines outside.

The first floor only holds a simplistic and spectacular living room with access to the roof balcony. A space perfect for parties or relaxation.

Where better to spend a long afternoon than this balcony with great views over the surrounding area.


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creative aesthete and twin mum
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