In the simming community I go by the name smmi or smmi73. I’ve been building lots to share for TS2 and TS3 for some years now, mainly sharing at Mod the Sims.

For me lot building is pure realaxation and a, not too demanding, outlet for my creative urges. I’m inspired by many things – houses I see, images I find on the web, a certain feeling or colour. I try to build lots with personality and atmosphere, but it’s also important for me that the lots are actually playable.

Personally I don’t like to download houses stuffed with cc, so I try to avoid use of cc in my own lots, too. This means that my lots may not look as interesting or beautiful as houses shared by builders who use a lot of cc. But although I’d love to fill the lots with cc in order to get a wider range of expression possibilities, I resist the temptation more or less.

As a rule of thumb I don’t take requests unless I know you well. I don’t do house plans!