modernist is next


Here’s a preview of my next building project. A modernist beach villa with a kind of atrium. If things go well it’ll be up before the weekend.

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flowering factory


flowering factory, 40887/64000, 20×15, WA + ambitions rq + latest patch, no cc apart from the free Cherub Kalliopi painting from The Store.

up-downAn old warehouse converted into an eclectic living space, suitable for one or two sims.

ground floorThe ground floor holds the main living space with kitchen, dining space, a cosy corner for tv watching, a writing desk, and the old furnaces still in place.

upstairsThe first floor is used as a bedroom and wardrobe space. There’s also an old Victorian bathtub.

bath facilities

Outside the old watts can be used for swimming – if one dares. There’s even a noisy washing machine and space for relaxation.

yard and balcony

An overview of the lot’s layout.


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creator’s nest

frontcreator’s nest, 20163/30756, 40×40, WA + ambitions rq + latest patch, no cc.

outdoorsSometimes a sim needs to empty the mind from the hecticity of urban life in order to create. This little hideaway in the forest provides a simple home in beautiful surroundings. A perfect spot for a sculpturer or painter, who loves the outdoors and craves peace.

kitchenLight blues and naturals makes the kitchen an inviting space in the large main room.

main roomThe main room also has space for artistic pursuits and relaxation – or maybe an intimate conversation.

bathroomLike everything else, the bathroom is simply furnished, yet pleasing to the eye and touch.

bedroomUpstairs, under the roof, the bedroom’s got a view over the trees and a little study space.

floor planI hope you’ve got a sim who’s looking for just this kind of place. – And do let me know what you think, I enjoy comments 😉

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soon in a clearing near you …

previewWork and family’s taking most of my time these days. But I’ve been working on a quiet little spot, perfect for an artistic, outdoorsy sim – perhaps even two. It’ll probably be ready for upload in a couple of days.

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multi owner doors for apartments

If you want to play with apartments and have sims living in each one, you can use the multi owner doors by Flyby at MTS. These doors can be set to only allow the owners inside a particular flat. Visitors arriving at the lot can be given keys to enter certain doors. The keys disappear again, once the visitor leaves. I just tested them in my crayola apartment complex, and they worked fine. The only downside is that it’s only a number of doors that’ve been modded so there’s not a lot of choice.

Thanks to Sandy for making me aware of this set!

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crayola apartments

outside viewcrayola apartments, 20×20, 86025/149336, WA + Ambitions rq + the latest patch. No cc used apart from two free Store plants that come with the Twizy. ETA: Sorry it somehow slipped my attention, that I use the sacrab bed from the free registration set explorer’s loot. (If you don’t have the bed it’ll just revert to a base game bed, so no harm’s done.)

ground floor flatThis apartment complex contains three flats, one on each floor. The ground floor flat is perfect for a small family. It comes with two bedrooms, a bathroom, and the main area which combines an entrance area, kitchen, dining and living room. It also has a small, but cosy, garden.

first floor flatThe flat on the first floor is a perfect bachelor (or bachelorette) pad. It contains one bedroom, a bathroom, and a combined kitchen, dining, entrance, and living room area. There’s also a large balcony with room for outside eating and relaxation.

second floor flatThe second floor flat suits the artistic boheme wonderfully. Apart from the bathroom, the rest of the flat is one large space – loft living in an eclectic mix of textures and colours. The large balcony is perfect for parties or a quiet moment in the sun.

overviewYou can play this apartment complex in several ways. Of course you can have sims move into every flat. But you can also play it with one family in one of the flats, locking the doors of the two others.

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easier to find downloads at smmishing style

Today I realised that finding all the downloads on this site wasn’t as easy as I’d like. So now I’ve added both a tag and a topic category named “downloads”. An easy shortcut to every post here that contains a downloadable lot.

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