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no resting in peace

If anyone thinks this blog’s dead I don’t blame them. These days I rarely get the time to do any simming. But over the last weeks I’ve been having fun with a little building project. So watch out, soon there’ll … Continue reading

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modernist is next

Here’s a preview of my next building project. A modernist beach villa with a kind of atrium. If things go well it’ll be up before the weekend.

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soon in a clearing near you …

Work and family’s taking most of my time these days. But I’ve been working on a quiet little spot, perfect for an artistic, outdoorsy sim – perhaps even two. It’ll probably be ready for upload in a couple of days.

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colours coming

This colourful three flat apartment has been sitting in my game for a while waiting to be finished. It’s nearly done now with only the middle apartment needing to be furnished.

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slowly but steady …

… I’m working on this community lot to go with the faded charms residential lot. It’ll combine the criminal warehouse function (hidden in the basement under the houses) with a hangout function. I did plan to make more lots in … Continue reading

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uploads ahead

Before my summer break someone asked wether I’d upload some of my island lots. Most of them rely heavily on cc, but I decided to redo some so that they could be uploaded here with only minimal cc requirements. Continue reading

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going modern again …

After all the more traditionally styled houses I felt like going modernistic again. So now I’m working on a bungalow with wierd angles. As you can see it’s very far from done yet and I’m off to family parties all weekend. So expect it to be ready some time late next week. Continue reading

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