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the old town centre

Old town centre, 26×38, 139953/84893, WA + Ambitions rq + the latest patch. Please note: This lot is a community lot with multiple rabbitholes. In order for it to function you need the custom rabbithole rugs made by Jynx at … Continue reading

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Lakefront Thrift Store & Brunton’s Diner

This consignment thrift store fits where the EA library is placed in an unchanged Twinbrook. Since I’ve put my library where the consignment store used to be, I’ve not made one to fit in its old place.I loved what Claeric had done to the original consignment store, so I’ve ripped this thrift store idea right off. Continue reading

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now working on …

Since I’ve build a library for the lot which in the original setup houses a consignment store, it makes sense to build a consignment store on the lot where the old library used to be. This consignment store is a thrift store and beside it, on the same lot, is a small diner. Continue reading

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