butterfly house

butterfly house, 20×20, 30654/48906, req. WA + Ambitions + LN + patch, no cc

Everything a single sim’ll need to live in rustic, yet simplistic, style.

There may even be room for a sweetheart.

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secret core

secret core, 75397/124404, 30×30, req. WA + Ambitions + LN + patch, no cc apart from some decorative free store items: Cherub Kalliopi painting, 3 plants from the eco set

This family house has a secret core, a small atrium which sends in daylight in most rooms on the ground floor. All the rooms around this light filled heart are connected, creating an open atmosphere where it is possible both to be together and more private.

A main hub is the kitchen with the happy yellow cupboards.

In order to create variation between the rooms, the study is a wood clad den.

The smaller of the house’s two bedrooms is perfect for a teenage girl with mismatched furniture.

The main bedroom is held in happy colours while the master bathroom has a soothing view to the pines outside.

The first floor only holds a simplistic and spectacular living room with access to the roof balcony. A space perfect for parties or relaxation.

Where better to spend a long afternoon than this balcony with great views over the surrounding area.

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some houses in progress

At the moment I’m a bit obsessed with wooden houses. Two more are in the making. A largish family house with a little secret in the middle and a small house for a single sim or a couple. I don’t know when they’ll be ready for upload, but probably within this week.

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a natural frame

a natural frame, 109720/162390, 30×40, req. WA + Ambitions + LN + patch, no cc

This house fits wonderfully into natural surroundings. With so many windows, the view should better be great!


The main entrance leads directly into the large living room on the first floor. Warm wood and rustic stone create a welcoming atmosphere as a contrast to the otherwise clean lines.


With an aquarium window, this first floor room is perfect for a child or as an office with build in sea life.


The master bedroom and its bathroom take up the whole second floor. It is a semi-enclosed space, offering both a view both of the general living area and the outside.


The kitchen and dining area are located at the ground floor, where an additional entrace offers easy access to the house from the carport.


Ground floor overview.


First floor overview.


Second floor overview.

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no resting in peace

If anyone thinks this blog’s dead I don’t blame them. These days I rarely get the time to do any simming. But over the last weeks I’ve been having fun with a little building project. So watch out, soon there’ll be a new download here.

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the little flea market

fleamarketthe little flea market, 99350/161849, 30×30, req. WA + Ambitions + LN + patch

fleamarketAll kinds of treasures are just waiting to be found at this little flea market. Situated between Oldenborg House and the Pot, the small square with its stands is an inviting space in the bustling city life.

secondhand bookshopFor the sims who aren’t done rummaging through the stands outside, there’s even a second-hand bookshop (consignment store) in the Pot. Rows of books are waiting to be browsed through or read in a silent corner.

(Please note, I have changed the lower pattern on the wall in the second picture as it was a custom texture. Otherwise the pictures show the lot as is.)

barOldenbar offers a strange mixture of old and new. With two dance floors and a space for small concerts, this bar in Oldenborg House is a great place to hang out all times of the day. (In order for the lot to work as a consignment store, it cannot hold a LN bar. That’s at least my experience so far. If the bartender is generated, the consignment shop clerk isn’t.)

overviewNote, I have only used some of the floors of both houses, leaving the rest as empty shells.

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cubus cheer

cubus cheer, 89814/144984, 30×20, WA + ambitions rq + latest patch, no cc needed. (I have used joninmobiles castable EA paintings in the pictures, but the paintings show up fine without it.)

This modernist beach house is perfect for a small family who likes to entertain and enjoy the outdoors. With the shady atrium and the balcony spanning the backside of the house, there’s always somewhere to find some shade.

The enterior design is stylish without being cold. Warm woods, greens and natural materials make ensure an inviting atmosphere.

The large kitchen is the hub of the house with plenty to do for the whole family. More formal dinners are taken in the dining room.

Upstairs are the living quarters as well as a large family room that just waits to be defined by the house’s owners. One large room with own bath is perfect for a child or two.

The master bedroom has a private bath and a walk-in closet. From the bed is a stunning view over the ocean outside.

To really shine, I think this house needs some cc. That’s why it’s somewhat sparingly furnished as is; a more or less empty canvas for you to fill. – Here’s an overview of it all.

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